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Acry Plus EVO RX

Acry Plus EVO RX is the line of radiopaque aesthetic teeth that enables the production of temporary dental prostheses, to be used as well as templates for TAC images capture.

Acry Plus EVO RX are available in the same moulds as Acry Plus EVO. This means temporary prostheses will be identical to definitive prostheses.

Acry Plus EVO RX

EVO LINE Catalogue






0120047 Acry Plus Evo RX 6 Upper
0120048 Acry Plus Evo RX 6 Lower
0120049 Acry Plus Evo RX 8 Upper
0120050 Acry Plus Evo RX 8 Lower
0120051 Acry Plus Evo RX Set 28 Teeth


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