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Resins for trays and Alginate

Acry Tray

Self Cure resin for individual impression trays, plates for the registration of occlusions and for teeth set up.


Minimum retraction coefficient and no waiting time, the mixture can be processed immediately after mixing.
Measuring cup included in the pack.


Colour: pink

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Acry Tray LC

Bases of light cure resin, that are very simple to use, have excellent dimensional stability and twisting resistance.

Acry Tray LC bases can be used for:
• individual impression trays
• functional impression trays
• bases for mounting teeth in removable dentures
• bite plates

Colours: Pink – Neutral – Blue


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Alginate for high precison dental impressions.
Available in both Chromatic and Dust Free.
Packaging of 24 bags of 450g each.

Chromatic: Alginate with colour changes
Flavour: Mint

Chromatic variations:
Violet – Mixing
Cyclamen – Working
Green – Mouth insertion

Dust Free: Fast mixing and setting time
Gusto: Mint
Colore: Green

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