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Plastic preformed models for modelling cast partial dentures.
No residuals are left in the heating oven to produce a casting free of imperfections. Available in 56 shapes for any sort of need. 10 blister pack.

Plastiform Catalogue PDF-Eng


31000B1 Plastiform B1 10 pcs
31000B1 Plastiform B1 10 pcs
31000B2 Plastiform B2 10 pcs
31000B3 Plastiform B3 10 pcs
31000B4 Plastiform B4 10 pcs
31000B5 Plastiform B5 10 pcs
31000B6 Plastiform B6 10 pcs
3100BC0 Plastiform BC0 10 pcs
3100BC1 Plastiform BC1 10 pcs
3100BC2 Plastiform BC2 10 pcs
3100BD1 Plastiform BD1 10 pz
3100BD2 Plastiform BD2 10 pz
3100BL1 Plastiform BL1 10 pcs
3100BL2 Plastiform BL2 10 pcs
3100BP0 Plastiform BP0 10 pcs
3100BP1 Plastiform BP1 10 pcs
3100BR1 Plastiform BR1 10 pcs
3100BR2 Plastiform BR2 10 pcs
3100CD1 Plastiform CD1 10 pcs
3100CD2 Plastiform CD2 10 pcs
3100CR1 Plastiform CR1 10 pcs
3100CRC Plastiform CRC 10 pcs
3100FC0 Plastiform FC0 10 pcs
3100FC1 Plastiform FC1 10 pcs
3100GC1 Plastiform GC1 10 pcs
3100GC2 Plastiform GC2 10 pcs
3100GC3 Plastiform GC3 10 pcs
3100GC5 Plastiform GC5 10 pcs
3100GC6 Plastiform GC6 10 pcs
3100GC7 Plastiform GC7 10 pcs
3100GD1 Plastiform GD1 10 pcs
3100GD2 Plastiform GD2 10 pcs
3100GD3 Plastiform GD3 10 pcs
3100GD4 Plastiform GD4 10 pcs
3100GD5 Plastiform GD5 10 pcs
3100GR4 Plastiform GR4 10 pcs
3100GR5 Plastiform GR5 10 pcs
3100GR6 Plastiform GR6 10 pcs
3100RC1 Plastiform RC1 10 pcs
3100RI1 Plastiform RI1 10 pcs
3100RI2 Plastiform RI2 10 pcs
3100RR1 Plastiform RR1 10 pcs
3100RR2 Plastiform RR2 10 pcs
3100RR3 Plastiform RR3 10 pcs
3100RT0 Plastiform RT0 10 pcs
3100RT1 Plastiform RT1 10 pcs
3100SI1 Plastiform SI1 10 pcs
310BL11 Plastiform BL11 10 pcs
310BL12 Plastiform BL12 10 pcs
310BP10 Plastiform BP10 10 pcs
310BP11 Plastiform BP11 10 pcs
310ENT2 Plastiform ENT2 10 pcs
310FRI1 Plastiform FRI1 10 pcs
310G455 Plastiform G45 10 pcs
310G555 Plastiform G55 10 pcs
310GD3L Plastiform GD3L 10 pcs
310HB12 Plastiform HB1/2 10 pcs
310PIPE Plastiform PIPE 10 pcs

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