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Acry Pol LL

Heat cure resin (PMMA) with a high molecular weight.
Suitable for complete, partial and combined removable

Main advantages:
• high mechanical resistance;
• the long period of plasticity (1 hour) allows flasking
several prostheses;
• stability of colour and dimensions;
• excellent aesthetic effect.

Packaging with measuring spoon.
Shades: V1 V2 V3 V4 V7 V10 OP Pink Neutral


0920002 Acry Pol LL Powder 500 g
0930002 Acry Pol LL Liquid 250 ml
0950002 Acry Pol LL Powder 1,000 g
0960002 Acry Pol LL Liquid 500 ml
0980002 Acry Pol LL Powder 5,000 g
0980003 Acry Pol LL Liquid 2,500 ml

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