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Acry Rock V

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Acrylic teeth in polymethacrylate produced with two chromatic layers.

The main characteristics are:

• High aesthetical effect due the two layers
• Good chemical-physical resistance obtained by using the very best of raw materials
• Large assortment of moulds and shades which make the tooth adaptable to any prosthesis requirement

Range of:19 shades, 32 moulds of upper anteriors, 19 lower anteriors and 22 posteriors.





0010013 Acry Rock V. 6 Upper
0010014 Acry Rock V. 6 Lower
0010015 Acry Rock V. 8 Upper
0010016 Acry Rock V. 8 Lower
0020003 Acry Rock V. Set 28 Teeth

Acry Rock V.
Acry Rock V Catalogue

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