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Acry Cette

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Acry Cette is the system of acrylic polymer facings that, with its excellent aesthetic results, is practical and versatile and is ideal for the implementation of temporary removable and fixed denture prosthetics.

Removable prostheses:
• Prostheses on implants and bar
• hybrid prostheses
• Toronto Bridge
• Telescopic work
• Bridges and bars with CAD/CAM milling
• Cast partial denture

Fixed prostheses:
• Temporary aesthetic prostheses
• Lithium disilicate transformation
• Temporary prostheses for immediate loading
• Implant support restorations

Frontal facings: 6 upper and 4 lower incisor shapes
Shades available A2 - A3 - A3,5
Posteriors: 3 upper and 3 lower diatoric shapes

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0130001 Acry Cette 6 Upper 
0130002 Acry Cette 6 Lower 
0130003 Acry Cette 8 Upper 
0130004 Acry Cette 8 Lower 


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