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RUTHINIUM® Group – Dental manufacturing S.p.A. is established in Turin in 1965 from the idea of its founding fathers Mr. Giovanni and Mr. Vincenzo Piazza of creating dental materials for mobile prosthesis.

In 1967 the Company has expanded the range of products offered and the idea of manufacturing acrylic resin teeth as core business is implemented.

Investments on research and development have enabled the opening of a manufacturing plant in Badia Polesine (RO) in 1969, present head office of the Company.

Commonly with the development of acrylic resin teeth , energies and investments are directed on research of acrylic polimers and copolymers as to consolidate the Company as worldwide leader in the production of dental materials for mobile prosthesis.


Via Cà Mignola Nuova, 1699
Badia Polesine (Ro) - Italy
 (+39) 0425 51628