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RUTHINIUM® Group Dental Manufacturing S.p.a. was established in Turin in 1965 from the will of its founding fathers of creating a manufacturing plant for the manufacture of dental products.

In 1967, further to the excellent results achieved, the Company enalarges the range of products and it starts the production of what will become later the core business of the Group; the manufacture of acrylic resin teeth.

Important investments on research and development enable, in 1969, the opening of the factory plant in Badia Polesine (RO), present head office of the Group.

Together with the development of acrylic teeth, energies and investments are focused on research of acrylic polymers and copolymers which has settled the Company as a Worldwide leader in the manufacture of dental products. 

Main growth's stages:
1965 – Establishment of RUTHINIUM in Turin. Purpose of the Company was the production and sale of cast partial denture products.
1970 – Relocation of the production to Badia Polesine (RO) and creation of ACRY ROCK, first artificial tooth in two cromatic layers of acrylic resin.
1972 – Opening of the new factory plant in Badia Poleisne (RO), still headquarters of Dental Manufacturing S.p.A.
1975 – Production of ACRY STAR, first Ruthinium tooth in three cromatic layers. Study and production of resins for dental technicians.
1982 – Variation of business name and creation of Dental Manufacturing S.p.A.
1983 – Creation of ACRY LUX, acrylic resin tooth in three cromatic layers, still the best seller tooth of Ruthinium teeth range.
1994 – Enlargement of the productivity plant of Badia Polesine.
1996 – Creation of Ruthinium Group, with main office in Perth – Australia.
2001 – Establishment of Ruthinium India, with main office in New Delhi.
2002 – Launch of ACRY PLUS, acrylic resin tooth in four cromatic layers with high quality standards.
2003 – Quality products' improvement and amelioration of the production efficiency through the utilization of new automatic machines in the factory plant of Badia Polesine.
2006 – Conclusion of the study and production of ACRY PLUS NM, first tooth created according the canons of Neuromuscolar Gnatology.
2011 – Presentation of Acry Plus EVO, the range of artificial teeth created to get the best results from implant dentures and Toronto Bridges. 2011 – Presentation of Acry Plus EVO, the range of artificial teeth created to get the best results fromimplant dentures and Toronto Bridges.
2015 – Development work completed for Acry Smart, a completely innovative range of artificial teeth.
2015 – The company enters the world of CAD/CAM. Presentation of the Ruthinium Disc, PMMA discs for CAD/CAM milling systems.

Via Cà Mignola Nuova, 1699
Badia Polesine (Ro) - Italy
 (+39) 0425 51628